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From:Monday 23 May 2022
To:Friday 10 July 2020
Time:8:00am - 05:00pm Monday 23 May 2022
Location:From Toowoomba to the World! (online content), , Toowoomba, Queensland 4350 Australia

Each E.P.I.K. school holiday is designed to offer Engaging Programs that Inspire Kids. 


With restrictions to ensure safe distancing, our 2020 Winter Programs are not our usual gathering of excited children interacting and learning together. Instead, we have put together many packages that you may use at home...or join us on the tennis court. Pick and choose from a number of options to keep your kids engaged and active through the school break.


The following is a list of packages, with some detail, that you may register for, these school holidays:


Science Experiment Kits: 

* choose from the 3-DAY KIT, the 5-DAY KIT and the 14 DAY ULTIMATE KIT

* ready-to-go experiments with all the resources and instructions you three easy to-do at home activities with equipment you most likely have already at home


Playwright Program:

* participants will be guided through the process of writing a play for theatre by someone who actually does this for a living! 

* a lucky participant will have his/her play read through by a team of trained actors


Tennis Clinics (small groups):

* brilliant coaching with Mr B who has the skills to enthuse kids to start playing and to improve their game

* 10:00am - 1:00pm each day with a minimum number of participants required


Coding Courses:

* a 10-day program where participants explore Morse and Binary Codes

* we make coding funny with jokes, puzzling with crosswords, artistic with code illustrations and fun with games including Scratch coding games


LEGO EV3 Kits & Challenges:

* take possession of a complete Mindstorm kit for a week (or two...or three) 

* build, program explore and attempt to complete the set engineering challenges


Stop-Frame Animation Competition:

* learn to create stop-frame animation movies from every-day objects at home

* enter a short film for the chance to win gift cards to the cinemas...for when they reopen!


Makey Makey Madness:

* use MaKey MaKey to makey makey the incredible! 

* complete the challenges and use the gear to create your own magnificence


Chess Champions:

* online chess including crazy chess variants and proper tournaments

* daily chess events with great variety and surprises


Awesome Arduino:

* learn to use Arduino - great for the aspiring engineers

* to undertake at home with plenty of instructions and ‘contact us’ support


Mega-Minds Maths:

* super challenging Maths challenges for those who love to tango with tricky questions

* daily Mathematical problems that are not for the faint hearted 


Veggie Vehicles:

* participants are provided with the motors, wheels and battery packs all ready to go

* students design a Vegetable Vehicle in line with the build regulations


For more details and online registration:

From Toowoomba to the World! (online content)
Contact phone 0490 759 037
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